Motorcab is a common and one of the cheapest transport where you can find anywhere in Hinunangan.

It is a motorcycle with a sidecar or customized passenger cabin in a third wheel and for hire. It is used and serving as a kind of taxi in Hinunangan which is similar to “tuktuk” in India.

Known for local term of motorcab in Hinunangan is “Pedicab” and can be seen in different colours, forms and length with a range of 50cc to 125cc gasoline-powered motorcycles.


It is a 7-seaters motorcab-taxi where it can take you everywhere in Hinunangan and ideal for short distances and smaller roads like farm to market roads where busses are not allowed to operate.

It is licensed and registered as motorcycle for-hire under Local Government Unit in Hinunangan and at the same time under the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in the Philippines with a one of the requirements of having a Professional Drivers.


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Photo courtesy by Maam Hermenia Ansale.