Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving around the twin islands of Hinunangan, Southern Leyte are now popular among the diving communities. It is well known dive sites destination in Southern Leyte and in Philippines for its abundance of untouched & natural marine resources.

Lilang Lagoon

One of the particular dive site in Hinunangan situated in San Pedro Island, Hinunangan. Just Bring your own diving gear to experience one of Hinunangan Wonders.


Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary

Another dive site also located in Hinunangan. Calag-itan is one of the coastal barangay in Hinunangan having a well protected diving site and fish sanctuary very accessible from the main town. Just bring along your diving gear.


Ingan Beach

Remote dive site located in northern part of Hinunangan also having a particular galore of marine resources. It is also very accessible for any land-based transport to and from the main town. Go forth and bring you diving gear to explore Hinunangan underwater treasures

photo courtesy by: Mr. Rio Cahambing